April 2019 Meeting

Does your heart beat faster when you contemplate repairing lace? Have no fear, this is the meeting for you! Jeanne Groves will be teaching us about lace repair techniques this Tuesday. We will meet April 9 from 6pm-8pm at 215 S Pine St in Newton.

  1. Show & Tell – Please supply name of Pattern and Yarn used in your projects!
  2. President announcements
    • Winfield Trip
  3. Break – Refreshments Provided by Jeanne Groves and Gail
  4. Program 
    • Lace Repair with Jeanne Groves

*****NOTICE: When you arrive if the door is locked please call the number on the notice posted on the door and someone will come let you in!!

***** Upcoming CKKG Meetings*****


  • 14th – Media Night (Ravelry, Facebook, Instagram)


  • 1st – Winfield trip
  • 11th – National Yarn Bomb Day


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