Agenda for October Meeting

Hello everyone!

Our October meeting is Tuesday the 11th.  Here’s the agenda


No special supplies for the program this month – paper and writing utensil for notes.  Jeanne will be taking us through the math to knit an Adult Surprise Sweater.  I, for one, am super excited about it, because this has been in my queue for a while!

Don’t forget to bring mini skeins to swap if you are still working on the sock blanket

See you Tuesday evening!


Happy October Everybody!

Don’t forget to save the date – or register early (save more money!) – for the April 1 Road Trip to Watkins Woolen Mill and the Yarn Barn.

And the October meeting will be on Tuesday, October 13 from 6pm to 8pm in the Community Room and Pine Street Health Services, 215 S. Pine St. in Newton (our normal location).  The agenda will be posted in a day or two!

And here are the photos from the September meeting.

September Meeting Agenda

Hi all!

Here is the agenda for September.  The program is on sweaters – selecting patterns, making sure the fit the way you want – thank you Chauntel!

Remember to bring you mini-skeins if you want to trade for the sock blanket and any purple hats you have ready for the Click for Babies campaign.  And if you have any finished, or in progress, mitts or mittens for the KAL.  Sheesh – that’s a lot of stuff to bring in!  Show and tell will be awesome this month!


We’ll see you Tuesday, September 13 from 6pm to 8pm at Pine Street Health Services, 215 S. Pine Street, Newton.


August Meeting Review

Hi everyone!

Here are the links to the patterns for the hands KAL:–mitts

Also, Chauntel shared the source of Adrian Bizilla from Hello Yarns for stranded colour work chart blanks and other resources for hats and mittens, if you are going that route for Holiday knitting.  Here is the link the her Ravelry page

Other Christmas knitting ideas, besides hats and mittens, are slippers, toys, dish/spa cloths, and cowls.  Suzanne shared the Champagne Cowl that she recently knitted

Don’t forget that the Ravellenics 2016 are still going – check our Ravelry group page or the Ravellenics 2016 group page to learn more about the games and how you can participate.

We also elected this years board last night.  Sandee Zerger will be the Chair, Jeannie Price will be the Vice Chair; Karen Schlabaugh (at-large, membership), Jeanne Groves (at-large, education), and Lorrie Kessler (secretary) will keep their positions.  Treasurer (Debbe Jantz) isn’t up for election until next year.

And here are the photos of some of the lovely items from show and tell last night:

This tatted doily is a find that Lisa Mertes discovered at the market in the park that was adjacent to the Harvey County Fair.


And Karen won at the Harvey County Fair with this beauty!


And thanks to Shana Thornhill, Jalaa Miller, Theresa Nelson, and the board members that helped with the Superintendent duties at the Harvey County Fair for fiber arts.

Volunteers needed for the Harvey County Fair

Hi everyone!

We need volunteers to help at the Harvey County Fair August 4 to 6 (that’s Thursday thru Saturday).  The Guild is the Superintendent for the Knitting and Crochet at the Fair.

We 2 or 3 people on Thursday at 6:30pm to clean the booth (this usually only takes an hour and will take less time with more people).

On Friday we need 2 people from 7pm to 9pm to check in entries.

On Saturday we need 2 people there from 8am to 10am for check in AND we need 3 people there from 10am until judging is done (1 to assist the judge, and 2 to display the items).

As usual, we received short notice verifying that we were doing this, so I apologize for not giving you more time.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you can help out.  It really is a lot of fun!




July Meeting Review

Hello all – hope you are surviving the horribly hot weather!

We had lots of lovely items in show and tell in July.  And we had the lovely Chauntel tell us about variegated yarns; don’t know about everyone, but I learned a LOT (and promptly went and bought more variegated yarn!).

Our next meeting will be on August 9 from 6pm to 8pm at the Pine Street Health Services Building in Newton.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our day trip to Watkins Mills in Missouri ( on April 1!  You really don’t want to miss this one!


July Meeting

Hi everyone!

It’s time for our July meeting!  The summer is flying.July Agenda

Chauntel will be talking to use about color this month (woot!), so it’ll be a great presentation!

Review of last month:

Our program was on the Master Knitter classes from TKGA.  For more information on the program, or to join those of us who are going to dive into taking the classes, go to the TKGA website; here is the link for the FAQs

Here are the show and tell photos from last month.

June Meeting

It’s time for our June meeting!  Tuesday, June 14 at the Health Department (215 S. Pine, Newton) – NOT at the Courthouse.

Agenda June 2016

The program for this month is on The Knitters’ Guild of America Master Knitting program, so no special supplies needed.

Also – Nancy Mercer still wants to go visit Brown Sheep Mills.  So if you want to go and are willing to help with the driving, contact Nancy (if you don’t have her contact info, let us know and we’ll get it to you).

Thanks and see you next week!