June Meeting

The June meeting is tonight, June 13 from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Health Department in Newton (215 S. Pine)

Tonight’s program is a special workshop by Karen’s sister – we’ve all seen her fabulous projects. There won’t be the usual program so we will have time for the workshop. 

Here is the information for the necessary supplies:

“Everyone will have a finished project to take with them!

Bring your own roving and a mix of types of fibers to use for needle felting


Choose from a big selection of roving and other fibers for a cost of only $5


Option of buying the special needle tool used for the felting process”

Fooling Around with Yarn!

Less than a week to wait!  Yippee!  Bus trip!

So, here are the details for Saturday:

When – 7:00 AM departure, April 1

Where – Kauffman Museum, 2801 N. Main, North Newton.  For those who go to Mojo’s Coffee Shop, the museum is on the West side of Main Street from the campus right there at Mojo’s.  https://www.bing.com/maps/default.aspx?q=kauffman+museum&mkt=en&FORM=HDRSC4

Bring any snacks you want, we will have bottles of water.

We should be home by 8:00PM

Watkin’s Woolen Mill:  There is a small fee for entrance, less than $5, so you’ll need a couple of dollars for that.

Yarn Barn will be offering us 20% off yarn and fiber (NOT on books, looms, tools, etc.).

Lunch will be on our own in Lawrence – there are A LOT of restaurants on Mass St. in Lawrence – Greek, pizza, Chipotle, Indian, and more.

Just in case – email goes to Lorrie’s phone if you need to get ahold of us (if you want phone number for text of call, message us).

Let us know if you have questions or if you find someone else who wants to come (still have room on the bus).



March Meeting

Feels like Spring is here.  That means our Spring road trip is almost here – April 1!

And our March meeting is here – March 14 from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Pine Street Health Services Building, 215 S. Pine St. in Newton.

Our program this year is about measuring for garments – how to measure is step one to make sure your finished garment fits the way you want it, and to make sure you buy the right amount of yarn!  All you need for this class is a tape measure (and we’ll have extras if you need them).

We will see you Tuesday!

Agenda 3.14.17

February Meeting Wrap-up

Trying something new. I downloaded the app to my phone so I’m going to try uploading photos from our meetings as soon as I get home. I doubt I’ll manage to do this every time, but I’ll give it a go!

We had a pretty small group tonight, but great discussion on tips for lace knitting and got some great ideas for future programs. Jeannie also gave handouts for the temperature KAL; I don’t have a PDF yet, but as son as I do, I’ll get it uploaded for everyone. 

There are still some space on the bus for the Fooling Around With Yarn trip on April 1 to KC and Lawrence. And don’t forget, dues are due in March – those with their fees in by the meeting on March 14 are entered in a drawing for a free year membership. So use the PayPal link below or bring your fees on March 14!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

February meeting

Wow! Time flies!  Our next guild meeting is February 14 (Happy Valentines Day!) from 6pm to 8pm. We’ll be at our normal location, 215 S. Pine St. in Newton (the Health Department).

Our educational program this month will be lace hints.  Dianna will be giving hints on an easier way to make nupps; if you have any hints, please bring them to share. Also, bring lace projects for show and tell!

Below are the photos from last meeting.

January Meeting

I hope everyone had wonderful Holiday season!  Our January meeting will be on January 10 from 6pm to 8pm at the normal location ( 215 S Pine St, Newton – Pine Street Health Services). 

Our program will be Lever Knitting, also known as Irish Cottage Knitting, the way the Yarn Harlot knits, and several other “aka’s” I can’t remember right now!  The supplies you will need are yarn and long needles (14″) to get gauge. We will have some extra needles if you need them (not sure if we will have enough for everyone). I, for one, am super excited!

Also, don’t forget to bring any knitting related gifts you received for “share and tell!”

I took a lot of photos at the last meeting. I can’t post all of them at once because it keeps crashing the app!  I’ll post the others when I get the agenda done and posted. 

Happy fiber crafting!