Design Competition Update

Hello everyone!  Photos of finished designs are starting to roll in and it is exciting!  I still haven’t actually cast on yet, but no worries since this is such a small project.  Perfect for taking along on summer outings…that we are finally getting to enjoy.

A few updates:

  • I have updated the Felted Herringbone pattern on Ravelry to include a Gusset Tutorial.  I knit up a sample bag and had a mini photo-shoot this past weekend.  
  • The final entry date has been extended by a few weeks to Sunday, May 26th at Midnight.  That means you still have plenty of time to CO!
  • We are working on really cool prizes for the top 3 designs!

We chose a small, simple Accessory Pouch for this competition, so that you could think of it as a blank slate (so to speak).  It’s a simple rectangle that could be filled with an endless number of stitch patterns, images, color designs…and the list goes on.  If you don’t want to felt your bag, then no need to.  You may want to sew in a simple lining or just leave it as is. 


Remember, all we need is a photo of your bag by Midnight.  Please see our Ravelry thread for full details and rules.

Happy Knitting (and Designing),



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