Ravellenic Games update

Team CKKG is off to a terrific start in this year’s competition!  We are a small, but mighty team!  Last Friday was the official start to the 2012 Ravellenic Games and our competitors are moving ahead in their events.  Janice has already wrestled one WIP into submission and is moving on to her next project.

Why I like competing?  Well, for anyone who has been around me for more than 15 minutes, knows that I’m competitive by nature (I even compete against myself every day to get through my daily chores.  But, my primary reason for competing is the fact that at the end of Ravellenics, I will have an awesome FO (Knotty Gloves) for this fall and winter!

Janice’s first victory!

Go team!  And, don’t forget to tag your project in order to get credit (and a super cool button) for Ravellenics!  If you need help, check out the Ravellenics thread on our Ravelry page.


Happy competing!  Hope to see everyone on Saturday, Aug 11th!  We’ll miss those that can’t join us.




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