July 2019 Meeting

Join us this week as Sandee Zerger teaches us about duplicate stitch. We will meet July 9, from 6pm-8pm at 215 S Pine St in Newton. Bring a 4×4 in stockinette square in a large gauge (worsted or heavier) leaving a tail. Also bring contrast yarn and a darning needle.

  1. Show & Tell – Please supply name of Pattern and Yarn used in your projects!
  2. President announcements
  3. Break – Refreshments Provided by Suzanne Haney
  4. Program 
    • Duplicate stitch and weaving in ends by Sandee Zerger. Please bring a 4 x 4 stockinette squre with a large gauge leaving a tail, and contrasting yarn and a darning needle.

*****NOTICE: When you arrive if the door is locked please call the number on the notice posted on the door and someone will come let you in!!

***** Upcoming CKKG Meetings*****


  • 13th – Program TBA. Refreshments provided by Sandee Zerger and Brenda Pilger

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