January Meeting

I hope everyone had wonderful Holiday season!  Our January meeting will be on January 10 from 6pm to 8pm at the normal location ( 215 S Pine St, Newton – Pine Street Health Services). 

Our program will be Lever Knitting, also known as Irish Cottage Knitting, the way the Yarn Harlot knits, and several other “aka’s” I can’t remember right now!  The supplies you will need are yarn and long needles (14″) to get gauge. We will have some extra needles if you need them (not sure if we will have enough for everyone). I, for one, am super excited!

Also, don’t forget to bring any knitting related gifts you received for “share and tell!”

I took a lot of photos at the last meeting. I can’t post all of them at once because it keeps crashing the app!  I’ll post the others when I get the agenda done and posted. 

Happy fiber crafting!

2 thoughts on “January Meeting

    1. Almost any yarn will work, but I would recommend a light colored, medium weight yarn and nothing fuzzy. You want to be able to see what your stitches look like and you will probably want something you can rip out (at least I will, because I know I’ll mess up a few times!)

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