Correction: The October 13th meeting is at the Harvey County Courthouse

The Central Kansas Knitters Guild meeting is on Tuesday OCTOBER 13TH!

I apologize to everyone who received the blog notice that our meeting is being held on October 6th. I put the wrong date on the blog and published it before I realized I had the wrong date. That is what I get for posting on minimal sleep!

The date hasn’t changed so please DO NOT show up on the 6th. I give everyone permission to make fun of me at the next meeting but only for the first 5 minutes! LOL

See you all on the Second Tuesday of October!

Supplies to bring for tonight’s meeting:

Please bring some yarn and knitting needles to make a swatch. You will want to bring the size of needles needed for the yarn you bring or the needles you get gauge with, if you know what it is. I will have some extra yarn and needles at the meeting in case you forget or didn’t have time to grab anything. I look forward to seeing all of you that can make it.

We also have a special guest crafter who makes pottery that will be showing us her work. She will have items for sale as well so you don’t want to miss the meeting if you can help it!


One thought on “Correction: The October 13th meeting is at the Harvey County Courthouse

  1. Knitting on mystery knit along have a question. Finished row 24 which is on the wrong side and the eyelet pattern starts on the wrong side so do you knit two rows then second row?

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