July Meeting recap

We had a great time last week at the Knitting Guild meeting!  Many were on vacation, but we had a fun time exploring several super-awesome Cast On techniques to take your knitting to the next level!  We also had 3 guests from Halstead who came and invited us to participate in the upcoming Halstead Textile & Fiber Arts Show – Oct 18th).


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Competition Knitting: It’s Fair season!  If you are interested in entering your knitting into one of the county fairs or the Kansas State Fair, we have some good tips and advice from working with the judges the past few years.  Make sure you check out the rules, so that you are not disqualified!  Many fairs require you to submit the yarn info (ball band), so that they can tell it is hand-knit.

The Harvey County Fair is asking for a few volunteers to assist with the check-in and judging of the knitting & crochet this year.  It is super simple and really interesting to watch the judging…I picked up lots of new tips last year!  The dates are:  Friday, August 1st from 7pm-9pm and Sat., August 2nd  from 8-10 you take entries.  The judging starts at 10:30am to Noon.  Let us know if you are interested, we have a few spots left.

Don’t forget Halstead’s show as well!


Program: Longtail Cast On – Advanced Techniques

The majority of knitters prefer to use the Longtail Cast On to begin most of their projects (many use a variation for socks)…but did you know that you can work the Longtail CO in ribbing?  I’ve seen many patterns say to work the CO in ribbing, but the patterns rarely say how to accomplish this.

In addition, how many of you have CO 450 stitches for a shawl, only to get halfway across when you drop a CO stitch?  I’ve always just scooped down and twisted the stitch back on, but it always shows in the finished edging.  Well, there is a technique for that as well!  Check out these quick videos…once you practice a few times, it’s easy! (These videos have been added to our “Favorite Things” page on our website)

Longtail Cast On – Fixing a dropped stitch: Here is the video tutorial.  It works!!  Courtesy of Knit Freedom.

Longtail Cast on – Purling & Ribbing: An awesome video by Knit Freedom showing how to Purl Cast On and how to Cast On for ribbing!  Woo Hoo!

Finally, Kim demonstrated a simple way to neaten your BO edge.  This video is also courtesy of Knit Freedom!

Board Elections:  It’s that time of year again and we are looking for interested members to join our Board!  We are a very ‘casual’ and friendly group that helps plan the meetings and fun events.
We will be holding elections at the August guild meeting.  If you are interested in one of the open positions, please let us know!
  • Vice-Chair – 2 year position
  • Secretary – 2 year position
  • At-Large (Program) – 1 year position
  • Treasurer – 2 year position – Debbe Jantz has been selected to serve.

Thanks to all of our Board Members who make everything happen!  Everything is volunteer-led, so we appreciate all of our friends, members & Board for keeping knitting fun & exciting!



  • Halstead Textile show – Saturday, October 18th!
  • Fall Knitting Retreat – mark Nov 1st & 2nd on your calendar now!  Details will be coming soon!
  • Charity Knitting – Purple Hat time!  Lisa will post details on our Ravelry Group page

Thanks for the wonderful snacks Jeanne!

Happy Knitting!


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