March Recap & Ravellenic Medalists!

Sorry for the delay…here is a recap from the March meeting and announcement of the 2014 Winter Ravellenic Medalists.

Team CKKG represented our region well and here is the final list of CKKG members who received medals:






Participating: Lanora

Let me know if we missed anybody.  Thank you to Anne, our Moderator for this event!


Congratulations ladies!  Click here to view the thread and completed projects!


Show & Tell…sorry, I didn’t get a chance to download all the photos…sorry you guys are just so prolific!



We had fun exploring a variety of knitted and crocheted flowers.  Kim will bring extra handouts that were distributed to the next meeting, in case you missed.  Flowers are a great way to use up stash yarn can dress up knitting, your house, gifts and anywhere that needs some interest and a burst of color.


Thanks for the wonderful snacks!

See you next Tuesday!


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