April meeting recap!

Hello knitters!  Here is the recap of the meeting for you to enjoy.  Several of us were taken down by colds or bad weather, but here is a recap for those that were able to make it!

Show & Tell:  You all know that this is ALWAYS my favorite part of every meeting!

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Program: Crochet for Knitters

We’ve heard from many members that they don’t understand the basics of crochet, so we thought it would be good to cover the basics that all knitters might be interested in fully understanding.  Lisa passed out this awesome handout on crochet…I never knew if you were supposed to put your hook through one strand or both…and now I know!

Joan also showed some crochet embellishment techniques.  If you have any crochet questions, just let Lisa know!

Design Competition Announcement:

Hopefully your bags are coming along for the Design Competition!  Kim will be creating a video and posting it this weekend on how to finish your bag…including the gusset.  The video will be posted in the Ravelry thread.  She has also found several videos on inserting a zipper and other tips that might be helpful.

If you are stuck, please let us know!  We can help move you from design idea to a completed accessory bag!


  • Spring Craftacular: Handmade & Vintage Market.  Saturday, April 13th from 10-4pm.  Free admission.  Lorrie is having a booth and might have some space, so contact her if you are interested.  Items being sold at this market are very well done, trendy jewelry, clothes, accessories and more!  Messiah Lutheran Church-1241 N. Ridge.
  • Marnette announced that the Weavers’ Guild is interested in co-hosting a Spring Yarn Swap/sale with us!  Woo Hoo!  Pull out that stash and get ready to spring clean.  More details coming soon!  (Marnette is also planning a Handmade Soap Party, details will be sent out)
  • The Midwest Weavers’ Conference is coming to Kansas in June!  Yes, this says weaving, but there are also vendors and knitting classes throughout the event.  This is a huge event that will take place at Emporia State University.  In fact, classes are already filling up!  Click here for details!  Maybe we can carpool there.  And, the Shepherd’s Mill is supplying this year’s yarn!  Woo Hoo!  This conference rarely comes to KS.
  • Charity Knitting: check out our Ravelry thread for organizations looking to help provide kitted items for the community.  We plan to update this throughout the year, so the holiday rush doesn’t creep on us!  If you know of any charity projects, please post them in the thread!!!

Alapca Farm Tour:

Marnette has been working out the details for our latest trip!  Once we have a couple of dates from the alpaca farm, we will send them out to see what works best.  We are planning a tour of a local alpaca farm and they are excited we are coming!  More details will be posted on Facebook, Ravelry and our website to determine the best date.

See you next month for the May Guild meeting, Tuesday May 14th from 6-8pm  –  Harvey County Courthouse (Newton with carpools from North & South).  This will be an EXCITING meeting!

Happy knitting,


PS – Not sure what a Knitting Guild is about?  Grab a friend and come check us out!  Find us on Ravelry and Facebook as Central KS Knitters Guild.

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