Installation Day

I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend my Friday afternoon than yarn bombing the campus with other yarnies!  What a blast we had!  I packed my bombing kit (scissors, yarn needle, clips, crochet hook-no idea what would be needed) and headed out around 1pm.  Dressing all of the sculptures, wrapping vines, creating fig leaf coverings and wrapping the bike rack was fun and exhausting (I crawled home around 9pm)!


Here are a few pictures from the Facebook page and media coverage!


There are SOOO many more pieces, so just go!  The installation should be up for a week, but of course pieces will most likely wander off.  Come out for the big gala tonight at 7pm to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Ulrich Art Museum!  I’ve got my dress and I’m ready to party!  More photos and updates coming soon.

I’m heading off to the campus early this morning to make sure the overnight rain didn’t mess anything up.  This post doesn’t capture the feeling on campus, go!

Yarn Graffiti is AWESOME!


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