Secret Sock KAL kicks-off tonight!

Finally…the May Guild meeting has arrived!  I’ve been dying to cast on a pair of socks for the KAL, but was able to hold out for the meeting tonight.  At tonight’s guild meeting, we will be throwing all of our “feet” into the pile and selecting a secret buddy to knit a pair of socks for.

If you haven’t made your foot form, we will have all of the supplies at the Guild meeting (you will want to bring a thin, clean sock that you can use).  If you want to participate in the KAL, but can’t make the meeting…please email us or call Kim at 316-616-7742 or Lorrie at Oh Yarn It in McPherson and we can take it to Newton for you.


Can’t wait to see everyone tonight!!  Don’t forget, you can also purchase your Shepherd’s Mill tickets at the meeting.  Snacks are provided.


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