March Meeting Madness!

Spring has sprung in Central KS!  I’ve been enjoying the daffodils, thoughts of farmer’s markets coming and awesome bike rides the past few weeks.  Here’s what we’ve been knitting:

Show & Tell: (sorry, several photos are missing due to my poor photography skills)

CKKG Announcements:

Board Business: The Board members took all of the suggestions made at the February meeting and realized that many of them were similar with a few varying details.

  • The Board will remain at 6 members.  We discussed the suggestion of reducing the size to make the Board an odd number, but decided since we are all volunteers that the number of members balances well with distributing the work load.  So, we voted to add a statement to the By-Laws that if there is a tied vote, the issue will be brought to the entire Membership for a final vote.
  • Voting Structure: We loved the idea of off-setting the voting to help provide a bit of continuity and stability during elections.  Most of the ideas presented were various versions of the idea, so we decided to take the simplest approach and see how that works.  As we grow in size, we can re-address any issues that may arise.  These positions will be elected during the even years (starting in 2014): Chair and Secretary.  Odd year elections: Vice-Chair and Treasurer.  The two At-Large positions will be elected on an Annual basis, so that more members have a chance to experience serving on the Board and also so that a huge commitment of time is not required if you are interested in serving for just one year.
  • 2012 Elections: so, this means we will potentially be holding elections this summer for the 2 At-Large Board positions.  More details will be given at the next meeting.  If you are interested, please email us or let us know!  We typically have one extra meeting per month (the week following the Guild meeting to plan for the next month).

Bus Trip: On to the important and FUN stuff.  We tried to workout the trip to the Brown Sheep Factory for this summer, but was unable to get our calendars to match up.  So, we will make an earlier attempt at getting that scheduled for next summer.  But, we were successful in scheduling a chartered bus trip to the Shepherd’s Mill in Philipsburg, KS!  We will have all the wonderful amenities of travelling on a nice chartered bus with reclining seats, bathrooms, etc.  We will get a tour of the mill to see how they process the fiber and I hear there is a wonderful shopping area to pick up some wonderful fiber for spinning and yarn!  This mill is FAMOUS among spinners and knitters across the US.  This will be a day trip and we will have the final details available as soon as the bus and mill are all confirmed!

Educational Program: Jeny’s Stretchy CO and BO techniques

Marnette led a wonderful program on these two techniques.  These techniques can be used on socks, but are also great for sweater neck holes and sleeves that are shorter or need extra stretchiness.  This is also great for children’s sweaters.

Jeny’s Stretchy Slipknot Cast On

Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off

If you are a member and were unable to attend the meeting, please email us for a copy of the handouts at

Open Knitting Time

At the end of the meeting, we had some extra time to knit and chat for awhile.  Everyone really enjoyed this time and we will try to build in more open knitting time to the meetings.  Great suggestion everyone!  If you have any suggestions, please let us know!  Seriously!


Stay tuned…clearly there is A LOT more to come!  

See you next month, Tuesday April 10th from 6-8pm  –  Harvey County Courthouse (Newton).

Happy knitting,


PS – Haven’t been to a guild meeting before?  Grab a friend and come check us out!  Find us on Ravelry and Facebook as Central KS Knitters Guild.  There is no cost for checking us out!

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