January Meeting Recap!

2012 is off with a BANG!  This is going to be an Amazing year, I can feel it…

First of all, thanks to everyone who joined us for the January Meeting!  We had a great time getting together.  Welcome to all of the guests and new members that joined!

For those who were unable to join us, here is a brief recap of the meeting:

Show & Tell:  You all know that this is ALWAYS my favorite part of every meeting!  I need to start updating my Ravelry Favorites immediately following the meetings, so I don’t forget about all the awesome patterns.

 CKKG Announcements:

2012 is already looking like it’s going to be an exciting year!  I can’t really spill all of the details yet, but we are planning an awesome trip for the summer along with smaller events, knit-a-longs, possbily a read-a-long and more!

Also, in 2012 we decided that we just can’t wait for the next Hop, so we are planning to highlight one of the 12 LYS’s each month.  We will start a carpooling list and let you know all of the details.  There are so many unique shops!  We will be announcing the January location by next week…yes, I’m behind on this.

Finally, the CKKG Board will be holding our first Retreat to look at every aspect of the Guild and how we can improve it to meet the desires of our members.  We will be meeting in a few weeks.  PLEASE send us (email, post on Ravelry, call, mail an anonymous postcard) any ideas/suggestions/things that annoy you, so that we have as much input from you as possible!  We really want to expand on the guild, so this is your chance!   If you are interested in being a “liason” for you community, please let us know.  We want to get groups/events going in the different locations, but need 1 person to serve as the contact for that area.  (No huge commitment, I promise!)

Educational Program: Fixing Your Knitting

Swatches with mistakes

Sandee started the meeting by giving us a tough quiz.  8 swatches were laid out and everyone had to go around and try to identify the mistake in each swatch.  Ann was the only knitter who got 100% on the quiz!  Way to go Ann…now we know who to call if we have a problem!  LoL!

If you are a member and were unable to attend the meeting, please email us for a copy of the handouts at CentralKsKnittersGuild@gmail.com.

Scarf Styling:

Gail mentioned at the last meeting that she had just been to a scarf styling demonstration & we knew by all  the gasps in the room that we HAD to have that on our agenda for January!  Unfortunately, Gail’s Tuesday nights are full.  Here is a video demonstration of 13 scarf styles…our favorite of the group was the Butter Braid!!  I had to practice before the meeting (on my husband…thanks honey) and even he wears his scarf this way now.   🙂  Thanks for the idea Gail, we missed you!

Here is the video clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6991YIuCYs&feature=related

Other members demonstrated additional styles and ways to make your scarf unique-like stranding jewelry with it.  Anyways, thanks to everyone for helping us kick off the New Year.  Stay tuned…clearly there is A LOT more to come!  

See you next month, Tuesday February 14th from 6-8pm  –  Harvey County Courthouse (Newton).  We will be exploring Mobius Knitting!!!

Stay warm (in your handknits of course) and happy knitting,


PS – Please don’t be offended if you didn’t hear about us prior to this guild meeting.  Grab a friend and come check us out!  Find us on Ravelry and Facebook as Central KS Knitters Guild.

One thought on “January Meeting Recap!

  1. Thank you for a fabulous Guild meeting. I’m so glad we were able to attend! Big kudos to my carpool sistah Ann for dominating that quiz! Very cool 🙂

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