December Meeting Recap

I don’t know about you, but I’m still recovering this morning from an AWESOME evening of knitting, eating & socializing with a wonderful group of talented knitters!  For those of you that had other holiday plans, here is a brief recap of the event.

Show & Tell – My favorite time of every meeting!  There were way to many projects to list them all here, but here are a few.  All of us gasped as Janice displayed stocking after stocking after stocking!  She is working on about a dozen for her family and she only has 3 left to go!  Each stocking had a special touch or an interesting detail.  Linda’s seamless slippers were also a hit with the group.  The hats, the gloves, scarves, sweaters (oh, the intricate sweaters), socks, glitzy holiday accessories…it was overwhelming!  It kind of looked like Ravelry blew-up!  Unfortunately, without our awesome photographer there, I was too busy taking notes of which patterns I have to download this morning.  Sorry!  Here are a few photos from my phone and links to the patterns (if I didn’t get a picture last night, I pulled one from Ravelry as an example). 

Food – I don’t know why it surprised me to see the spread that was put out last night!  Of course knitters are excellent cooks and bakers!  Just to give you a taste, we had Tuscan Bean Soup, French Onion, Potato Soup and then a whole array of homemade breads, jelly, fruit & cheese and veggies.  And of course the desserts.  We had holiday treats, cookies, homemade peach pie and hot apple cider.  I may have to knit me some full-size, pants out of Berroco Comfy!  Thanks for all of the wonderful treats everyone.

Knitting & Stitch Markers – Everyone relaxed in small groups to work on the latest knitting projects.  Several knitters helped others with problem areas, tips were exchaged and lots of ideas for events in 2012!  As a way to say thank you, the CKKG set out supplies and beads to let everyone make a complete set of stitch markers to take home or give to a friend.

Announcements – Kim announced that CKKG will be moving it’s monthly meeting night from the 2nd Thursday of the month to the 2nd Tuesday of the month to accomodate more knitters.  We heard from a few LYS owners that our Thursday meeting time conflicted with their open knitting time.  So, after discussion at the meeting, it was decided that we will try moving out night to Tuesday.  We understand that this will help some and be a conflict for others.  We are sorry and hope to plan more events and possibly hold duplicate meetings in other communities as we expand.  2012 is going to be AMAZING!  Don’t miss out!

Also, I wasn’t really supposed to announce anything yet about the upcoming Bus Trip, but I couldn’t help it!  More details will follow very soon, but plan on a Chartered Bus Trip around June-ish to go and visit/tour/shop the Shepherd’s Mill and the Brown Sheep Factory in Nebraska!!! Yes, we are talking about a behind-the-scenes tour of the yarn process!!  And, just to top it off, I hear from several knitters that you can grab awesome deals on mill ends, discontinued colors, etc!  This trip will be open all knitters, no membership required!

Have a happy holiday season and don’t over-stress your hands finishing up those last minute projects!

Stay warm & happy knitting!

3 thoughts on “December Meeting Recap

  1. I’m bummed that I wasn’t able to make the meeting last Thurs, but am uber excited to hear that you’ll be moving the meetings to the 2nd Tuesday! This will work out so much better, as Thursday night was SNB at Twist in Wichita. The bus trip also sounds really fun! Can’t wait for more details!

  2. oh that’s awesome!!! I will announce the new time at our S&B night at Twist and see if we can’t get a carpool together for January. Hope we get a lot of folks to come!

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