September Meeting Recap!

First of all, thanks to everyone who joined us for the Septemeber Meeting!  We had a great time getting together.

For those who were unable to join us, here is a brief recap of the meeting:

2011 Knit-a-Long: Grove Mittens

We announced our first Knit-a-Long for 2011, the Grove Mittens!  Brooklyn Tweed (aka Jared Flood) is a fabulous designer/teacher/knitter who is offering our guild a special discount!  Anyone who participates in the KAL can purchase the Grove Mittens pattern at a 25% discount!  Like I said, Jared is Awesome! 

So, you might be asking what is a KAL?  Well, basically everyone that participates will knit the mittens together as a group.  There are several advantages to joining a KAL:

  • FUN (that one is obvious);
  • Discount on the pattern;
  • Work through problems and issues as a group (lot’s of support);
  • Motivation to keep moving through the project (competition for me); and finally you will
  • Finish with a fabulous pair of mittens for yourself or as a special gift!

Details will be posted soon on our Events Page!


Committees Updates:  Meetings will be scheduled soon!

Education Committee – Chair, Sandy Zerger.  This committee schedules the monthly education  programs for the guild meetings, schedules outside speakers, oversees local TKGA classes, and clinics.  The Chair is a voting member of the CKKG Board.

Membership Committee– Chair, Lorrie Kessler.  This committee develops recruitment efforts for new members, enhances the experience of current members and oversees the  Mentoring Program (connects newer knitters with more experienced knitters).  Lorrie is currently looking for more members who may be interested in helping brainstorm ideas for reaching out to current & new members, developing a poster for Local Yarn Shops.  Meetings have not been scheduled yet.  The Chair is a voting member of the CKKG Board.

Outreach/Community Service Committee – Chair, Kiersten Brandt.  This committee will work to increase community awareness, aid in community need, and create community awareness of how knitters can use their craft for the good of the community.

Click for Babies!  Please help us knit hats for babies.  This national campaign is raising awareness for child abuse prevention.  We will be collecting the hats at the October meeting!!! If you live in Wichita and can’t make the meeting, you can drop off your hat(s) at Odd Balls Yarn Shop.  Click on the link above for more details.  Oh, and for all of you competitive knitters out there, Kansas is currently in 3rd place across the whole nation and Canada!!  Come On!  Plus it’s good for the babies.  🙂  Details can also be found on our blog and Ravelry group pages.

Events Committee – This committee plans community events throughout   Central Kansas related to knitting.  We are currently looking for anyone interested in chairing or serving on this committee.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for those that want to help shape the direction of CKKG!  If you think of any additional committees or are interested in helping with one of these, please let one of the CKKG Board Members know!

******** (break, had to refill my hot tea)********

 Ravelry Tour: Kim led us on a brief tour of Ravelry.  We looked at how to use the Advanced Search option to find patterns, pattern help and errata.  We also used some of the new features including the Helpful Notes button, search options and other features.  We will continue to highlight new features and ways to get the most out of your online resources.

Educational Program:  Twisted Stitches

Gail Kliewer gave us a lovely introduction to the tradition of Bavarian Twisted Stitches.  Gail taught us one (of the 5 methods) for twisting our stitches to create intricate, textured fabrics and designs.  This technique was developed in the Alpine regions of Europe and mimics the textured landscapes of those regions.

Members were also supplied with a Reference Sheet with links to all of the methods, so that everyone can find a perfect fit!  Kim followed up with several pattern ideas selected from Ravelry to show the different looks that can be achieved using this technique. 

If you are a member and were unable to attend the meeting, please email us for a copy of the Reference Sheet at

*Please let us know if you have suggestions for future classes!


  • Carpool Sign Up Sheet for Yarn Hop: we will have sign up sheets for the Central Ks Yarn Hop and will post threads on Ravelry.  If you are interested in visiting some of the stores with fellow knitters, speak up! 

Anyways, thanks to everyone for helping make a great meeting.  Stay tuned…clearly there is A LOT more to come!   See you next month, Thursday October 13th from 6-8pm  –  Harvey County Courthouse (Newton).  

*Everyone will leave with a cool surprise gift!

Be well and happy knitting,


PS – Please don’t be offended if you didn’t hear about us prior to this guild meeting.  Grab a friend and come check us out! Find us on Ravelry and Facebook as Central KS Knitters Guild.

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