August Meeting Recap

Thank You to everyone who turned out to help us celebrate the Kick-Off of CKKG!  After months of planning and working behind the scenes, it was wonderful to see that we are headed in the right direction.  Everyone made so many great suggestions and gave great ideas, that I know CKKG is going to be a very strong and active guild.  More than 20 knitters turned out yesterday evening.


Yarn Ball Cake

To help celebrate our very first meeting, Kim baked a Yarn Ball Cake (well, 2 cakes since the first didn’t turn out so well).  Here is a brief recap of the meeting:

Committees Update:

Education Committee – new Chair will be Sandy Zerger.  This committee schedules the monthly education  programs for the guild meetings, schedules outside speakers, oversees local TKGA classes, and clinics.  The Chair is a voting member of the CKKG Board.

Membership Committee– new Chair will be Lorrie Kessler.  This committee develops recruitment efforts for new members, enhances the experience of current members and oversees the  Mentoring Program (connects newer knitters with more experienced knitters).  The Chair is a voting member of the CKKG Board.

Outreach/Community Service Committee – new Chair will be Kiersten Brandt.  This committee will work to increase community awareness, aid in community need, and create community awareness of how knitters can use their craft for the good of the community.

Events Committee – This committee plans community events throughout   Central Kansas related to knitting.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for those that want to help shape the direction of CKKG!  If you think of any additional committees or are interested in helping with one of these, please let one of the CKKG Board Members know!


Educational Program:  Mitered Squares

Marnette kicked off our first program with a bang!  We reviewed the technique and discussed the endless possibilities for using mitered squares.  Marnette showed some lovely examples that really exhibited the unique design qualities that can be achieved by varying the yarn that you use.

Kim followed up with several pattern ideas selected from Ravelry.  As a group we discussed the endless design features that knitters can use when knitting mitered squares (different decrease options, edging options, color & stitch variations, etc).  Kim also brought her Syncopation Bag as an example.

New Ideas for CKKG:

  • Read-A-Long: it was suggested that we host a book club with one of the new fiction knitting books.  We would try to have the author of the book call-in for a book discussion.
  • Road Trips: we are definitely interested in chartering a bus (we could ALL knit as we ride) for fiber festivals, the Central KS Yarn Hop, Brown Sheep Company, yarn mills and any other place!
  • Refreshments: we discussed having a small group of members sign up each month to help with refreshments. 

There were tons of more ideas (I LOVE knitters), soI couldn’t list them all here (I’m already creating the world’s longest post I think)!

Anyways, thanks to everyone for helping make a successful Kick-Off meeting.  Stay tuned…clearly there is A LOT more to come!   See you next month, Thursday September 8th from 6-8pm  –  Harvey County Courthouse (Newton).

Be well and happy knitting,


PS – Please don’t be offended if you didn’t hear about us prior to the first guild meeting.  We did as much promotion as 4 employed women can handled. Grab a friend and come check us out! Find us on Ravelry and Facebook as Central KS Knitters Guild.



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