Welcome Knitters!


Welcome to the site of the Central KS Knitters’ Guild that is currently being created.  Please Subscribe to this site for future updates and meeting details.  Please pass this site along to all of your fellow knitters.  This is a temporary site and name for our local knitting guild.  We will be holding a name competition at our first meeting.  More details will follow…but only if you subscribe!

So, what is a Knitting Guild?

For the past 5 years, local knitters have been discussing the formation of an organized knitters group to bring opportunities, events and monthly meetings to provide educational and social interactions for local knitters.  Because we have not formally developed the group, this is a fairly broad definition.  If you have the time and are interested in helping develop our local guild (serving on the initial board), please email us at CentralKsKnittersGuild@gmail.com and let us know your contact info.  We are developing a brief application for potential board members (no worries, just a few questions) in order to find the variety of skills that will be needed to plan a well functioning and amazing guild.

Our Vision?

So far, we are planning to host monthly meetings that will include project show & tell, an educational class, and promote local opportunities to enhance your knitting life.  We hope to create friendships, promote the art of knitting, and support our community and world through charity knitting.  Who can join?   Any knitter!

If you have any suggestions or comments, please send them to us at CentralKsKnittersGuild@gmail.com or find us on Ravelry as the Central KS Knitters’ Guild Group!

World Wide Knit In Public Day will celebrate our kick-off event. 


This is going to be amazing, so mark your calendars for Saturday, June 25th.  More details to follow, but I can tell you that we are thinking BIG, REALLY BIG!  If you like planning events, let us know! Prizes, demonstrations and lots of FUN!

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